Hello, my name is Julian, aka Jules and I became interested in food, like most people, because I enjoyed, and still enjoy, eating.

As a family growing up we were very fortunate that our Austrian mother was a very good cook and I would spend time in the kitchen watching what my mother was doing and helping out as much as I could by licking mixing spoons clean when finished with!

My mother’s skill in the kitchen inspired me to cook for myself and do so practiclaly everyday from scratch.  I have also been forutunate  to have travelled extensively through Europe, Scandanavia, the Middle East, the Far East and the US munching and slurping  along the way learning so, so much about food and, as importantly, about wine.  And that, by the way, can only be learned by drawing a cork (or more likely nowadays, unscrewing a cap) and tasting, tasting, tasting.

I’d like to welcome you to join me and have some fun cooking together and hopefully you’ll share your recipes and tips because that’s how we acquire knowledge, by sharing.